2 3 4

by The Creeps

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released August 21, 2013

All Songs Written and Recorded by: The Creeps




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Track Name: Heel Toe
Waiting at the other end
I'm getting wasted with all your friends

Shift up, shit you're out of luck
Another 2 3 4, try and keep your foot on the floor

Rolling every red
With a haunted hand
There and back and there again
Washed up and dried
Like another part of me
I let it grow and die
Another wasted tire
and now I'm satisfied

You know I have it all
Track Name: I Won The Game
Switching letters to start a new band
Yeah we were young but we weren't your friends
Another I in your dive that people won't miss
285 till you die, write some new shit
Jump someone else's train or ride your bike
Fuck brakes, your living that fixed life

I hate your band and your words I can't understand
Less is always more, just turn it down
Only one more song, God make it stop

I won the game, I set the record straight
Track Name: Yo Yo
"You only live once" is all I heard
So drive home drunk and take your turn
It's only me and the night, I haven't lived at all
It's only me and it's tight, I've been dead all along

Yo yo, I'm coming up as you're going down

Take a trip, take a fall
Maybe this is number two
Just a better version of you
Track Name: Our Hearts Are Like My Electric Guitar Strings, They're Always Breaking & Wound Too Tight
Dead for three nights
Learned I'd never tried
What's a wasted day to you?
While I'm alone inside
nothing to prove
At least hell is something to do

He says kisses are for bitches
and everyone is in the same position
If I'm in the lead do you think
it means I'm just following me?
Life in the fast lane
But where's your car?
Or why can't it start?